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IMPORTANT NEWS: OptimalTrader desktop version is being discontinued. We are in the process of making it totaly web-based.

During 2012, OptimalTrader was redesigned to be web based for an options trading firm named ProTraderInstitute.com. We would like to invite you to try out our web based version of OptimalTrader. If you are interested, please send an email to us (support@deltaneutral.com) and we will setup a 30 day free trial for this new site at www.DNOptionTrader.com.

If you are an options trainer and would like to have your own site built and customized for you, let us know. We can customize your site and allow your customers to view historical data, search for trades, and list your hand picked trade recommendations.

This new website will add to DeltaNeutral's offerings of service to the options trading community. Beginning in 2002, DeltaNeutral supplied customers with options analysis software and historical options prices. This data includes historical data in CSV and SQL formats. We also have a stock history service that allows our clients to easily keep their stock data up to date with split adjustments and dividends. Our historical options data contains options price history for all U.S. equity options since 2002, and the options on SPX from 1990. Our end of day options service allows our customers to keep their historical data up to date and collects and distributes complete option data for end of day for the U.S. markets.




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